A responsive header with your logo (left), links (center) and a CTA (right). Links and CTA are hidden on mobile and accessible with a burger menu. Add your own logo in project.



Add this component under the header level.

  • name: the component name
  • config: the configuration
    • logo: the access address of the logo
    • buttons (options): display buttons
    • navigations: top navigation link
export default defineAppConfig({    app: {        overall: {            header: {                name: 'FastNavbarStandard',                config: {                    logo: "/logo/fast2build-logo-black.png",                    navigations: [                        {"name": "Pricing", href: "/pricing", type: "text"},                        {"name": "Blog", href: "/blog", type: "text"},                        {"name": "Doc", href: "/doc", type: "text"},                        {"name": "Dashboard", href: "/app/dashboard", type: "button", show: "auth"}                    ],                    dark: {                        logo: "/logo/fast2build-logo-white.png"                    }                }            }        }    }})
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