Add this component under the home->layout level.

  • name: the component name
  • config
    • emphasize: the top emphasize
    • title: the view title
    • description : describe the main functions
    • list: support multiple FAQs
      • index: the number to view
      • title: the title
      • description: the description
      • img: the display image
export default defineAppConfig({    app: {        home: {            layout: [                {                    name: 'FastFeatureGrid',                    config: {                        title: "Gain more insight",                        description: "Use fast2build dev frame, you can manage every aspect of your business in one secure platform.",                        list : [                            {                                title: "Simple and fast",                                description: "Simple configuration can be completed in 10 minutes",                                img: '/svg/sys/fast.svg'                            },                            {                                title: "Rich components",                                description: "Various tailwindcss components, Hero, Call To Action, subscriptions, prices, FAQ, and more",                                img: "/svg/sys/components.svg"                            },                            {                            title: "Rich functional modules",                            description: "Including website, account login, Magic link, Stripe payment, Mailchimp subscription, Supabase database, membership system, etc",                            img: "/svg/sys/function.svg"                            },                            {                                title: "Complete source code",                                description: "Complete code, including front and back, database, etc., more custom development",                                img: "/svg/sys/source.svg"                            },                        ]                    }                }            ]        }    }})
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