Add this component under the home->layout level.

  • name: the component name
  • config
    • title: the view title
    • description : describe the main functions
    • list: support multiple FAQs
export default defineAppConfig({    app: {        home: {            layout: [                {                    name: 'FastFAQStandard',                    config: {                        title: "FAQ",                        list: [                            {"title": "What is Fast2build?", "answer": "<span class='font-bold text-cus-active'>Fast2build</span> is a development framework to help you quickly build and quickly ship SaaS products, you only need a simple configuration, you can publish your custom products in 10 minutes, including website, login, payment, subscription, Blog, docs, dark mode and other functions. The Fast2build rapid development framework consists of rich pre-built templates and various components that you can use in any combination."},                            {"title": "Can I use it for free?", "answer": "The use of Fast2build is charged after use, will provide the source code, you can do more custom development based on this source code."},                            {"title": "Where can I get the source code?", "answer": "First, you need to log in, and then, pay for a one-time fee, you can get the source code download address on the website's Dashboard page."},                            {"title": "Are there any online cases to refer to?", "answer": "Yes, The website you're currently looking at was built using the fast2build rapid build framework."},                            {"title": "Can I request a refund?", "answer": "If you are a Pro user with under 10% diamonds usage in 10 days, you can email to request a full refund."}                        ]                    }                }            ]        }    }})
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